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Discover Your POWER VOICE

On April 5th, Ms. Rose had the opportunity to attend Discover Your Power Voice in Deerfield Beach, Florida. At this event, she trained in person with Les Brown and his Maximum Achievement Team. The training provided great insight on transformation training and development to great living! Les Brown’s training works toward assisting motivational speakers build […]

Ms. Rose Completes Les Brown Unlimited – From the Stage Program!

On February 7th, 2018, Ms. Rose has been honored with a certificate of achievement from the Les Brown Unlimited – From the Stage Program! World renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown, offers this extensive training course to ambitious, influential, and hard-working speakers, like Ms. Rose. We applaud Ms. Rose for her effort and dedication in continuously […]

First Female And African American Vice President Of Voter’s League

Orange County Chapter Turns a New Page “Voting is a tool residents use to empower themselves, and moreover use to empower those around them. The polls are important, particularly within local politics, where a road pavement, renaming of a street, or the removal of an entire district’s voting base depends upon a choice of Mayor, […]

"Never live your life traveling dead-end streets."

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