Life Challenges

From the Alpha to the Omega is our ultimate life challenge. You make life’s challenges happen between your Alpha and the Omega. Our basic needs are challenges of life, especially if you are unprepared.

Our childhood moral upbringing plays a vital role in our challenges in life. Life challenges can be complex for some and a breath of fresh air for others. Two words, interact and react can characterize the significant issues of life challenges.

Life challenges start with your Alpha, of how you were nourished as a child by your parents. Depending on how you interacted and or reacted with your parent’s nourishment as a child, and how your parents dealt with your actions; determines your attitude toward your adult life challenges.

How you interact and or react to your moral upbringing, siblings, education, social skills, peers within your community and or your neighbors, discipline, parent relationship (i.e., loving or abusive), culture, and demographics play an essential role in your childhood life, leading to your adulthood.
Suppose you didn’t receive proper nutrition or informational nourishment as a child. In that case, it could affect the healthy development of your body skills, which are the onset of other life challenges (i.e., learning disability, speech impairment, profanity, school drop-out, social skills, drugs, alcoholism, problems interacting with peers, teen pregnancies, mental illness, criminal mischief, bullying, childhood depression, and disrespecting authority figures, etc. …).

Also, if your parent’s relationship was problematic (i.e., abusive mentally and or physically, alcoholism, drugs, low self-esteem, and or poverty), it could lead to other life challenges (i.e., sexual abuse, domestic violence, criminal behavior, low self-esteem, teen pregnancies, drugs, alcoholism, learning disability, profanity, school drop-out, prostitution, bullying, adult depression and or mental illness, etc…).

As you may notice from reading above, your childhood upbringing will determine how successful your life journey will become as you move toward your Omega. Remember, time doesn’t wait for anyone. Therefore, if you are standing still, moving forward or backward the time clock is ticking toward your Omega, from the beginning of your Alpha. BE COURAGEOUS!


1. Why did this happen to me?
2. Why am I not moving forward?
3. Why am I in this position, and how do I get motivated?


1. Why not you? It’s called life, and everybody endures obstacles in life.
2. Because you lost control of your dream and gave up. You allow negative thoughts to enter your mind and destroy your dreams.
3. Because life knocks you down, and you refuse to get up and fight. Therefore, you allowed yourself to become a victim of failure. Get up and start dreaming again with a Bold and Courageous Mindset!


You need to release your failures and start standing for what you believe in. Stop talking to people bringing cookies and coffee to your pity party. Pull yourself up by making positive decisions that make you feel great. Write goals for a positive solution to your most current situation.

Become creative, and visualize yourself taking charge of your destiny! Leave dead people alone. Start focusing on your blessing. Remember, downtime is time to regress and navigate a new direction to a productive future. Learn from your past experiences and proceed with elegance. Explore your reason for living, and become courageously bold, and review the benefits of your tenancy. Be willing to acknowledge the disappointment, but remain committed to your dreams by continuing dreaming!

You may also review Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Youth Empowerment, Personal Development, and Business Leadership, for additional nourishment to overcome defeat, and attach your wings of an EAGLE, and fly with CONFIDENCE, COURAGE, and BOLDNESS!

“Success does not consist of never making mistakes, but in never making the same one a second time.” – Bernard Shaw

Where have you been?
Why are you here?
Where are you going?

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