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Youth Empowerment

Before we attempt to discuss youth empowerment we need to list some of the youth most common challenges they will endure on their life journey; as follows: not sure what he/she wants to do with his/her life, education, knowledge, understanding, peer pressure, acceptance and or try to fit-in, violence’s, drugs, alcohol, suicide, employment, parents, sibling’s, religious belief, morality, teen pregnancy, social skills, health and welfare, clothing, food, personal hygiene, disrespected, pre-judge by others, and etc…
This is just a short list as you may notice. It was designed to be an inconclusive list.

Now we are ready to discuss Youth Empowerment.


1. Parent’s, why do you think your youth act and or do the things he/she does?
2. Parent’s, do you talk with your youth about teen pregnancy, drugs, and alcohol?
3.  Parent’s, did you discuss with your youth about his/her goals in life?


Mothers and Fathers, the next generation is in your hands; which are our youths. They are our future leaders and it’s your obligation to teach them about responsibility, morality, and social skills starting at his/her alpha.
Our youth has a shortage of education, knowledge, and understanding.

Therefore, it’s the parent obligation to teach their youth starting in the home. We need our parents to be the parent, of their youth and not their friends. Parents need to be mentors and constantly discuss with their youth about drugs, alcohol, suicide, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, and life goals. Let your youth know you are supportive, of their goals. Encourage your youth to come and talk with you, about any subject on their mind.

Remember parents, be honest, and sincere when talking with your youth. When a parent takes time and talks with their youth; you are preparing him/her to resist peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, suicide, fitting-in, violence, and teen pregnancy; which will enable our youth to build self-esteem and think proactively.

Furthermore, having a parent-child relationship is very important for the parent who wants their youth to become a respectful productive adult. Remember parents, your youth is the most profound investment of your life! Parent’s can make a difference by nourishing their youth’s, with wholesome information, that will help him/her become future leaders. If every parent nourishes his/her youth to become leaders and not followers; our world will be a better place, for the next generation and beyond. It’s not too late! Think about it a moment…

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determine soul.” – Ella W. Wilcox

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